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So, still trying to get into the groove. Thanks to my (now) 4 faithful readers for your encouragement. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my writing style…which is probably more like my “thinking” style. I’ve realized I have two main patterns:

1. Sometimes I see stuff that doesn’t make sense, and I try to make it make sense.
2. Sometimes I think about things that make sense until they don’t make sense anymore.

Some examples:
The other day I was stopped at a light and there was a lady on the corner dressed like a clown, except she wasn’t dressed like a clown.  After staring at her for a while, I am quite sure that she was just dressed like herself.  She was probably fifty. A little on the heavy side. And her clothes weren’t “hey, look how comfortable I am in my own skin”. They were “hey, I think I’ll put on these bright green pants with this blouse with the wide bright stripes and also lather on some make-up and also carry this giant purse filled with important stuff that I definitely need to take to Walgreen’s.” This lady fascinated me, and one day, when I can make my own sense of her story. I’ll write more about it.

Two more examples from category one: I was in my bank last week. Let’s call it Goliath National Bank, where they have the Food Channel on for us to enjoy while waiting. I have always assumed this was a marketing agreement between GNB and the Food Channel.  But, lo and behold, (yes, I just wrote “lo and behold”) while I was at the teller waiting for my receipt, the Food Channel starts playing a commercial for Chase. Not quite the Twilight Zone, but odd. Kind of like watching a guy in a Red Sox hat root for the A-Rod.  Also, last week, I saw a car with two bumper stickers: “Try Jesus” and “Drive it like you stole it.”

Things tend to end up in category two by virtue of some sleight shift in perspective or even word choice. (i.e. The wolf who cried boy. The road to heaven is paved with bad intentions. Homes were made to be broken.) I like turning cliches around in my head, making them familiarly strange, and sometimes more true.

One day, I’ll reflect on these things. But for now, rather than actually write about anything, I’m just going to write about writing stuff.

One thought on “my process for writing stuff

  1. I think what makes sense is getting a glimpse of all the things bouncing around in your head, not all of which make sense…

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