i was a virgin virgin

I flew Virgin America to San Francisco last weekend. It was easily the most pleasant flying experience I have ever had. It definitely helped that the flight was only 100 minutes or so, but I kind-of wished it was longer. Seriously. The flight attendants were edgy and attractive and cool. The chairs were all black faux-leather and every seat came with a personal television screen. I got to watch ESPN talk all about Michael Vick. I got to play Mah-Jong. I even ordered a Diet Coke (with a lime) to my seat.

When I walked on to the plane, I was pretty impressed by the mood music and also the sleek design and the glowing purple(!) bulkhead. I made a comment to the flight attendant that this was pretty rad and she said “Oh, you’re a Virgin virgin.” Did the flight attendant just call me a virgin? Yep.

We flew Air-Tran a few weeks back It was definitely a budget airline and we knew it. Always. But my Virgin flight was very reasonable, and I really thought I was in the lap of luxury. From now on, I’ll check with Virgin America first and then look at other flights.

Why am I writing about this? Dunno. I just enjoy being an evangelist for products and services that deliver excellence at every level. And, I’d probably really enjoy working for such a place. So, I’m no longer a Virgin virgin and, in fact, now that we’ve consummated our relationship, I think I may begin courting.

P.S. Have you ever wondered about a fly that accidentally gets on a plane somewhere, say Atlanta, and then get’s off the plain in Seattle or Denver or Boston? What must that be like?

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