be still, still

still [stil] ,adjective, -er, -est, noun, adverb, conjunction, verb

It’s a versatile word. As an adjective, “remaining in place or at rest”, “free from sound or noise”, “subdued or hushed”, “free from turbulence, peaceful, tranquil”.

As a noun, “stillness or silence”.

As an adverb, “at this or that time”, “as yet”, “in the future as in the past”.

As a conjunction, “and yet”, “but yet”.

As a verb, “to silence or hush”, “to calm, appease, or allay”, “to quiet” or “to become quiet”.

As a philosophy of living, “to quiet or become quiet, in stillness or silence, free from turbulence, peaceful, in the future as in the past”.

In the chaos of my days, the turbulence in my soul, the mischevious glory of my children, and the constant buzz of my home, I am listening for the still small voice whispering, “Peace. Be Still.”


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