I wrote some stuff a couple weeks ago about our small group. And about marriage. Mostly, I was reacting to the end of our group. But I was also beginning to write a little bit about what I believe about marriage. But that post was lazy.

I believe a lot of things about marriage. Primarily, I believe this: I have a strong marriage. Not “strong” like “perfect”, or even “good”. ¬†More like “I had a compound fracture in my leg once and after some surgery and rehab, my leg is actually stronger than it was before I broke it.”

I’ve imagined writing a marriage book for a long time. And if and when I do, I’m tempted to title it Homes Were Made to be Broken. Homes were made to be broken. And any truth-telling married couple will back me up.

A marriage is strong – rather my marriage is strong – because it’s been tested. When we work with newlyweds, we often ask about their biggest fight. You can learn a lot about the way a couple fights. And about how they recover.


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