february is the new january

It seems my New Year’s resolve couldn’t survive an east coast funeral, snowpocalypse in Seattle, single parenting for a third of January, major transition at work, and an overall lack of ability to concentrate.

Exhibit A: Last weekend I had to run out to Fred Meyer to get some deodorant and a cheese slicer. It was dark and rainy and gross and just about bedtime. I had Mari with me and, not surprisingly, she fell asleep in the van. I carried her into the store and was inside less than fifteen minutes when I realize that I had somehow managed to lose my keys.

I head back to the parking lot, frantically patting each of my pockets while trying not to drop 42 pounds of sleepy-cuddly. I approach the van. Door open. Keys in ignition. Engine: Running. I was definitely losing my mind.

But I’m resolved anew in 2012. I’m going to write more stuff. I had some success with a writing resolution last year – albiet with post-cards – and this year, I’m committed to writing two blog posts a week. I’ll dedicate one of those two posts to the topic of marriage. A reflection, story, suggestion, question…I’m not really sure. I won’t pretend to be an expert, but I will have at least 52 thoughts on the topic over the next year. Maybe they’ll be of help to somebody.

I also have a swimming resolution. That worked pretty well for me in 2011 as well. I’ll write about that sometime, I’m sure.

For now, Happy New Year again.
Take good care.

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