pty: part deux

A couple of tangents before I get down to it:

  1. Technically Wednesday is the beginning of a blogging week. So when I say I’m writing two posts a week, it should be from Wed to Tues.
  2. Today is Wednesday, so it should be Post 1 of Week 3 (P1W3) but this is actually P2W2.
  3. My “marriage” posts will typically be even numbers – 2 & 4 for the mathematically challenged.
  4. Since nobody is actually reading this…I get to make up the rules as I go along.
  5. My last post was about beer. The one before that was about marriage. This one is about both. Sort of.

Here goes:

Last weekend I went out of my way to drink Pliny the Younger. Today, I sort-of stumbled upon it. Long story short: I was meeting a colleague for lunch at my favorite brew-pub and it just so happened that they were serving PTY this afternoon.  The pub was distributing raffle tickets to the first 75 beer-lovers to show up. Because I’m kind-of a regular, my serverfriend gave me an extra ticket.  So, who do I call? A friend? A best friend? Who?

I called my wife.

Is your spouse your best friend? When your bucket list item comes up, do you think of your spouse before you think of your favorite drinking buddy? I hope so. For your sake, I hope so.

Marriage is ultimately about friendship. When you sign up for “til death do you part”, you sign up for something more than a drinking buddy. You sign up for someone who gets a permanent parking slot at “top of mind”.  It’s so easy to give something else that parking slot. Beer. March Madness. The NASDAQ. What might have been. What could be.

Please, give a permanent parking spot to “what is”: because “what might have been” and “what could be” are ghosts. “What is” is where your lover lives. It’s only here and only now. I urge you to be here now. And, I hope you were fortunate enough to marry your best friend and that you are brave enough to give her the best parking spot.

Because if you’re not, even the most coveted beer in the U.S. will taste a lot like water.


2 thoughts on “pty: part deux

  1. Hey Zach,
    Just found this space–thanks for sharing! Graham and I always debate the idea of the spouse as a best friend. I like how you broke it down here as he always got weirded out by putting me in the “friend” category. But it’s more about who you think of first when a bucket list opportunity comes up, like you said. Thanks for your insight. I passed it along. 🙂

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