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Two days ago, on Sunday, spring pretended to arrive in Seattle and I decided it would be a good day to take up running again. I ran 2.89 miles in a little under 30 minutes. Not a very impressive pace, but further and faster than I’ve run in over 5 years. I used to run quite a bit and I actually enjoyed it.

A few days before Sunday, I remembered how much I enjoyed it, and without thinking about it too much, I declared that I would run another marathon before I turned 40. I like saying “another” because it lets all of you know that I’ve done it before. In fact I’ve done it twice before. But that guy wasn’t really me. It was mid-twenties me, on mid-twenties legs.

Today is Tuesday and my late-thirties legs hurt. There’s a spot on my right leg, just above my kneecap that doesn’t hurt, but other than that I’m in an embarrassing amount of pain. But I’m hoping I can run again on Thursday. I really want to. And I really want to finish another marathon. 40 year-old me wants to have run 3 marathons. I just need a little help. I need my legs to be kind. I need some wind at my back. I need my wife to stop rolling her eyes at me. And I need zombies. But mostly I just need to run.

I’ve used this space to write about running as a metaphor for marriage, but in this space in particular, it’s also a metaphor for my writing. I have a pretty ambitious plan for 2012. I wanted to write twice a week. And I promised that half my posts would be about marriage.

As it turns out, my writing muscles area about as atrophied as my running muscles. It’s not that I don’t want to write. Or even that I can’t. It’s just that, despite my best intentions, writing stuff hurts more than I thought it would. I can think stuff all day long. I’ve got a card catalog filled with ideas. I write entire posts in my head that never make it into this space.

Over the last few weeks, here are a few of the things I didn’t write about:

  • Kony 2012: Too bad that story ended up being about something other than children being converted to soldiers.
  • Hunger Games: I read the book, saw the movie, read a whole lot of commentary. I have some thoughts.
  • New Girl: Zoe Deschanel made me cry. Actually, her show made me cry. Actually it was a guy on the show, Nick, that made me cry.
  • Politics on Facebook: Had a pretty cool online “conversation” with a friend about how to engage civil discourse online.

(Here’s a mini-test to see if anyone is still reading: If you care what I think about any of the topics above, send me an email, or comment, or whatever and lemme know. I’m happy to send along some thoughts.)

In the meantime, my legs still hurt, and my writing muscles still need some exercise. But I’m committed to running and writing. I’ve actually laid out a plan for my next few marriage posts. It has to do with the alphabet, and I’m publishing that tomorrow. Also, I’m planning to run again on Thursday.

Stay tuned.

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