People enter marriage counseling for many reasons. My work tends to focus on a few specific areas.

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT): GMCT begins with a thorough assessment period followed by goal-oriented interventions and exercises designed to help couples break through gridlock and achieve intimacy. My goal is to help you achieve deeper connection and to ensure that your relationship does not become “therapy-dependent”.
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling: I prefer to think in terms of Transition to Marriage counseling. If you are already engaged and simply want to address key issues like money, in-laws, sex, communication and conflict, therapy before the wedding is a great investment. I’ll also encourage you to plan follow up sessions after the ceremony – once a month for a year, perhaps – in order to help navigate a successful transition to married life. Pre-Marriage counseling can also be helpful for couples who are discerning whether to become engaged or not … or whether to marry or break-up. Read More
  • Individual Therapy: While my practice is primarily focused on couples therapy, I have limited availability for individual sessions.  especially when the “presenting problem” is directly connected to your relationship . Get Started Today
  • Infidelity: Affairs (emotional or physical) can create a painful rift in the marriage relationship. They are almost always the symptom of a deeper issues. I’m committed to addressing the crisis and the issues with empathy and strength. Read More
  • Transition to Marriage/Parenthood: The first three years of a marriage are often the most critical and most fragile. When couples recognize this and choose to be proactive about their relationship, it can save a lot of pain down the road. This is doubly true for the transition to parenthood. In both cases, I work to help couples accept, adapt to and become accountable to their new reality.