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The average couple waits six years after relationship troubles emerge before asking for help. And half of all marriages that end do so in the first seven years. Don’t be a statistic. Get help today. If you’re stuck or struggling, and you want to get your marriage moving in the right direction, don’t delay. Start taking small steps forward – together – today.



Words matter. I’ve always been fascinated by words and how they work. They are like clay for a potter, or leather for a cobbler, or steel or an architect. They are raw materials, destined for a greater purpose. Words should take you on a journey, but not the one you’re expecting. When I write, my goal is to make a reader think “Hmmm…I never thought about it that way.” When I write, my hope is that you will somehow see your relationships (and your life) as designed for a greater purpose.


I love my day job as a therapist, but at my heart, I’m a teacher. I love taking complex and confusing topics and making them simple for clients, audiences, and “students” of all kinds. Tune into my weekly podcast Marriage Therapy Radio where I teach about the themes and topics that I encounter in my practice. And check out the Marriage Masterclass which is basically everything I know in a practical, actionable way for a fraction of the cost of therapy. If you’d like me to come teach at your event, retreat, or conference, let me know and we’ll figure it out together.